Emergency Room Secrets that Staff will not Tell You

We all know what the emergency room is and why people go there. We all know that the treatment in the emergency room is comparatively expensive, and we know the reason behind it as well. Patients are dealing with diseases that cannot be fully cured need to visit emergency rooms very frequently. They act as they know everything about it. However, it might not be accurate. They are several secrets that the staff of the emergency room will never tell you. They keep these secrets among themselves.


– Nurses take care of patients. Doctors examine the patient. The nurses monitor the patient’s regular progress, so they expect you to be polite in return. A mere thank you would make them feel that their job is worth it.

– Patients who deal with some severe sort of emergency expect a lot of VIP care. They deserve it, but they should not expect the whole staff to prioritize them. They are dealing with many patients simultaneously. Do not think that they are rude if they do not talk to you. Their priority is to get the patient to a stable condition. Greetings can be done afterwards.

– Some people take an ambulance, even on minor convenience. Sometimes they do have a severe emergency, but that is not the fatal one. So whatever their emergency is except the fatal one, or no matter how much in pain they are, they have to wait for some time to get the registration done. It is the official way, and everyone has to follow it.

– Some patients complain that they have been asked to wait again and again. They think that the doctors are not paying attention to them and they may get seriously ill if they keep on waiting for a long time. That is not true because if they are asked to wait, they should relax that their state is relatively stable and in a stable condition.

– Sometimes the patients think that the stuff staff gives them to where is of no use. No, that is not true. The secret behind it is that the gown staff asks the patients to wear is made of breathable material. Moreover, it has patches on it so that during surgeries, surgeons can easily remove the cloth from the area under examination.

– Some patients or visitors keep on staring at the staff, especially the doctors, so that they could take notice of them and give them time. That is of no use. That staff is used to such a stare and will not get intimidated by it. Patients will receive treatment at the proper time.

– Some of the patients are shy or not confident enough to have a conversation with the doctors. If they do not understand the instructions, they do not ask the doctor because they fear getting irritated. Well, that is not true. In nature, the doctors like it when someone asks them questions because they would never want you to go home confused and get back if you did any step in your health Maintenance wrong.

– Some people think that calling for an ambulance in case of extreme emergency is of no use. If they can walk, they can drive themselves to the emergency room as well. Well, that is wrong because the ambulance is not only a car. Instead, it has many life-saving types of equipment inside it. One cannot be sure that his health would allow him to reach the hospital safely.

– Sometimes people call an ambulance by cell phone. Well, if the patient is present in the home doing so, he should stop. He must go for the landline because, in this case, it would be easy for the ambulance to find his location and reach on time.

– One should not call the emergency room for minor inconveniences o health emergencies. Calling the emergency room should be kept as an option in case of a severe fatal emergency where a slight delay can take the patient’s life. The doctors would tell the patient to take some immediate steps to get stable enough to reach the hospital. Calling for minor health issues would waste your time as well as the doctors.

– Ambulances are not supposed to use the sirens all the time. Although they usually carry the patients with severe emergencies, they still use sirens when the patients are in an emergency, referred to as code one emergency by the doctors. This is the type of emergency in which a slight delay can cause a risk for a patient’s life. If the emergency is this serious, then the ambulance would use sirens to make its way to the hospital as soon as possible.

– Sometimes the emergency room runs out of beds. It is an irritating situation not for only patients but the doctors as well. So, in this case, the patients should realize that it is a genuine problem and doctors are not doing it on purpose. They should stay calm and cooperate.

– Some parents whine in front of the doctors about their previous doctor to gain sympathy from them. They think that they would talk bad about other doctors, making their current doctor happy. Well, that is not the case. Every doctor respects the other doctor, and they find that type of behavior of the patients not amusing.

– If a patient faces an emergency and is in relatively stable condition, he should wait and go to the emergency room between 3 am and 9 am. This is when emergency rooms are not that crowded, and patients will not have to wait much.

– A patient gets a room in case of a very severe emergency. However, sometimes a patient who keeps on vomiting also gets the room because his condition could also make other patients around him uncomfortable.

– Many people take herbal treatments. They do not find it necessary to mention it in front of the doctor. Well, they should because herbal treatments also have effects on one’s body. The doctor should know about every medication that his patient took to recommend the best possible treatment to them.

– If one patient came to the Emergency room and needed some tests done, he had to get them done in the emergency room. The staff will not allow them to get their tests done from some other places.

– The doctors do discuss the condition f the patients with each other. The patients should not get mad about it because it is a common thing. They discuss it with each other to come out with a better solution. However, do not worry; they will not discuss it with someone outside the emergency room. They do know how to keep the privacy of their patients.