Emergency Room Secrets that Staff will not Tell You

We all know what the emergency room is and why people go there. We all know that the treatment in the emergency room is comparatively expensive, and we know the reason behind it as well. Patients are dealing with diseases that cannot be fully cured need to visit emergency rooms very frequently. They act as … Read more

How to Reduce Patient Wait Time

Few things affect patients’ satisfaction; one is long waiting times to see the physician and another one is getting treatment quickly. For a hospital to rank on top, one of the most useful is reducing patients’ wait time. In most hospitals all over the globe, the time to see a doctor is almost 18 to … Read more

Things You Should Know About ER Wait Times

The emergency room is a place where nobody wants to go by their will or desire. This is a place where a person dealing with a chronic emergency goes. Chronic emergencies are of different times. They are predictable fatal emergencies, predictable non-fatal emergencies, unpredictable fatal emergencies, and unpredictable non-fatal emergencies. No matter what type of … Read more

How are ER Wait Times Calculated?

ER Wait Time and Its Significance ER, wait times constitute the time from ER visit till being discharged after treatment or admitted for further treatment. ER times are significant because they measure the performance and care provided by one of the most important hospital departments. Emergencies need to be handled and treated quickly. Hospitals are … Read more

Why ER Costs too Much Even after Healthcare Insurance

Average ER Costs You get in an accident suddenly. You are not bleeding, but still, to be on the safe side, you visit an ER to ensure no injuries. ERs are quite expensive. They can cost you a lot even if your condition is not too much serious. Nurses and physicians can easily treat some … Read more

Does Healthcare Insurance Cover Emergency Room Visit?

An ER Visit can Cause Plenty Even If You are Fully Covered by Insurance Insurances are the safety plans in which a person invests. These plans are helpful whenever that person faces any severe damage. The amount for damage is paid through these plans, and as a result, the victim is saved from getting broke. … Read more

10 Ways to Deal with Expensive Emergency Room Bills

How to Avoid a Huge Medical Bill from Emergency Rooms Emergency room, as its name explains, is a place forĀ  health emergencies. Now there are different kinds of health emergencies that one can experience at any time. Those emergencies can be predictable or unpredictable. Those emergencies can be fatal or non-fatal. Whatever the type of … Read more

Who is Who in the Emergency Department

In medical emergencies, you will be brought right away to the nearest emergency department of a hospital. This department has qualified and competent staff. Each of them is a health professional performing their duties and collectively act as a backbone of ER. ER is the busiest area of a hospital. Hundreds of people visit it … Read more

Uninsured and Facing an Emergency

Emergency rooms are specially designed to treat critically ill patients. You can visit an ER if your medical condition is serious, whether you are insured or not. Legally it is your right to be treated in the emergency room if you are seriously injured under Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). The health … Read more

Doctor, Retail Clinic, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room

Health care is an extensive term, and it includes all those people, places, devices that help one maintain their health and live a healthy life. Healthcare is like a whole network providing different services to their users according to their conditions, availability, and budget. These include primary care, urgent care, emergency care which can be … Read more